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Aromas and Flavours of the islands

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Every year the whole month will be dedicated to the island's medicinal plants and pot herbs, so January and February will be characterised by lemons and oranges, March by rosemary, eucalyptus and laurel, April is reserved for asparagus and Lošinj onion, May will be characterised by sage, fennel and nettle, June by Spanish broom, lavender and immortelle, July bougainvillea and mint and August oleander and medlar. In September, the fragrance program continues with days of figs and jujube. October will be characterised by myrtle, strawberry-tree and rose-hip, November by olives and December by pine and agave.

Both of the islands are giving you the variety of tipical mediteranean meals based on olive oil, mediteranean herbs lot of vegetable and home made cheese and "pršut" (local type of a home produced salami type meat). We recomend you to taste a well known lamb, speciality of the islands! And finally,when you find yourself at the island, you are just on the right place to enjoy all sorts of fish meals made on a million different ways(grilled or boiled)and taste some of the finest home made mediteranean wines.
So, what more to say but: Hungry?

No problem! The island is full of a very good restaurants. Choose one you like the best and: Enjoy your meal!




March-May from 9 till 15 /closed Sundays/
June - September from 9 till 19 every day


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