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Belej - this is a village located on the island of Cres, at the very edge of Lošinj's town area. It is in the middle of a plateau whose western side slopes gently to the sea while the eastern side plunges to the azure below.

Sheep rearing was the main livelihood of the inhabitants here and the houses were built in a special style connected with the uniqueness and tradition of stone. Stones stacked in a dry-stone wall provide an inspiring geometric backdrop, which divides the dried up land from pastureland.
A stay in private accommodation with the locals will bring you into direct contact with primeval nature, where the smells of pastureland, sage and rosemary waft through the air. Traditionally, on 16th August (feast-day of St. Rock) liturgical services are held followed by celebrations of dancing and entertainment with the local population.

One road out of Belej leads to the picturesque, secluded inlet of Koromačno whose landscape and white strand will leave you breathless.


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