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Belej - Beaches

Belej - Koromacna

Koromačna is one of the beaches to recommend on the island Cres. 20 minutes walk from the town leads you into the wonder of the nature: a beautiful pebble beach between bare rock! The beach is facing Bora wind and it is partialy protected by port for fishing boats. On the left side are three beautiful small pebble beaches wich can be reached by swimming to them.
Koromačna cove is sunny all day; it's also a very interesting resort for the ones who enjoy exploring and walking.

Type of the beach: partialy rocky, partialy pebble and sunny beach
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from Belej: 1,5 km

Meli – Plat
Taking the main road from Osor to Belej, you will  reach a crossroad wich taking left leads to Ustrine, and right with it's off road to the small village Srem and then to Plat. On the road to Plat you will find a number of wooden doors called „lesa“. Please do open them and close when you continue your trip because they have a meaning. Lesa or the wooden doors are used to prevent the sheep to escape from their plots. Both of these two villages are the leftovers of a 2 or 3 houses from the times when the farmers worked the land and were engaged in sheep breeding.
20 minutes walk from here leads you to the two beautiful pebble beaches: Lučica and Meli, both facing east and Bora wind and a small island Čutin with Velebit mountain in the distance.
These two beaches are a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of public beaches and swimming areas.

Type of the beach: pebble, sunny
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from the main road: 15 minutes by car and then 20 minutes walking

Gabloka – Verin
You can reach this magnificent beach taking the same road as you take to reach Meli, but instead of going towards Srem and Plat villages, you have to turn right towards Verin. Then just leave your car and take a 20 minutes walk till the pebble cove Galboka. Once there, enjoy it and let all your sences breathe easy.

Type of the beach: pebble, sunny beach
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from the main road: 20 minutes by car and then 20 more minutes walk




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