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Cres and Losinj archipelago




You're looking for complete relaxation and unforgettable experiences?

Surely you are wondering why choose Cres - Lošinj archipelago as the destination for your future holiday?

There are more than enough reasons and we will recount only those which we hope that will surely interest you.

Puntarka team will help you and find for you: an apartment at the best location, a room with the best view, a rural family house in a quiet environment, an authentic and rustic villa or the best hotel on the island. Give us your trust!

For those who enjoy sport and recreation: there are numerous hiking and Nordic walking trails up the hill with a unique panoramic view overlooking the fishing villages bathed in sunlight and the sea and countless bays of both islands. There are kilometres of bicycle paths and decorated promenades along the sea covered by “baldachin” of centuries -old pine trees. Tennis courts, sailing schools, scuba diving schools...

For animal lovers: on the island of Cres there is a habitat and the home of protected griffon vultures, and the waters of the island of Lošinj are a large nature reserve of protected bottlenose dolphins. The island is also inhabited by: fallow deer, mouflons, geckos, beech martens, rabbits and wild rabbits and numerous birds: partridges, rock partridges, pheasants, hawks, sparrow hawks and among domestic animals that  freely graze there are goats and sheep ...

For botanists and plant lovers: more than 1000 plant species have been identified on the islands of which 230 are medicinal herbs and about 80 species are exotic plants brought by Lošinj`s captains and sailors from all over the world : agaves, palms, magnolias, mimosas, lemons , mandarins, oranges ...
Those who love history, music and culture: Osor-a thousand year old city - museum known since ancient Greek and Roman times, in which, during summer, the traditional evening concerts of Croatian and world renowned classical musicians are held. Numerous villas, churches, cathedrals and monasteries of the past times. Special characteristics of the archipelago are miles and miles of dry stone walls more than 500 years ago which still "proudly" stand and divide between property boundaries.

Apoxiomen: - large statue of Greek athlete, found in 1996 in waters of Lošinj soon returns to Lošinj after travelling through European museums where it has been seen by more than 3 million people.

Those who have problems with breathing and respiratory organs: the island of Lošinj has been, back in the 1892, declared as a natural climatic health resort and spa of Viennese aristocracy by Austrian doctors due to its extremely pure air and specific humidity. Thanks to the vision of professor Ambroz Haračić and the initiative of his associates, rocky ground of Veli and Mali Lošinj was forested in the 19th century. Today those are the thick pinewoods.

For those who simply love the sea and the sun: there are numerous pebbly bays and coves that are sunny all day and again they are in the shade of ancient pine trees that are "painted" in the sea. For those who prefer flat rocks covered in sun-there is certainly at least one for everyone on the islands.

For the curious ones and the researchers: on the islands there are typical  small fishing villages located on small hills: Lubenice, Belej, Punta Križa,  Vidovići, Stivan, Ustrine, Beli, and others located  in small gentle harbours such as: Valun,  Draga, Pogana,  Miholašćica, Martinšćica …..  It is worth to mention the less populated islands such as: unique sand island - Susak, Ilovik - fragrant island of indigenous plants and the island of Unije with beautiful pebbly beaches easily reachable by excursion boats.

For traditional cuisine lovers: Islands offer rich and healthy Mediterranean cuisine reinforced by local aromatic herbs and olive oil. Who can resist the smoked ham, goat cheese, salted anchovies, roasted lamb under the bell, arugula salad, Mediterranean fish stew...

We hope that we managed to convince you to visit us soon.

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