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Cres bay is cut deeply into the mainland and therefore well protected from winds. It is situated between Križice horn and kovačine horn. From the one side of the bay there is town Cres and from the other you'll find well equipped marina, a modern heaven for boaters. Just on the other side of marina which can be reached by bike too, there is Dražica bay with it's sunbathing half concrete beach.

Nearby hotel Kimen there is a beach sorrounded by pine trees witch makes it a shady and pebble beach. The beach is facing west and sunset and it has all the necessary infastructure: showers, sunbeds, scuba diving, kids playground in the sand, bar, restaurant.

Behind cape Kovačine, covered with olive trees, there is a campsite Kovačine known for it's beautiful pebble and well equipped beach facing west, therefore always sunny one.
Nearby the campsite you'll find Gavza bay. The bay is covered with Mediterranean plants and it has easy access to the sea.

Among all the beautiful things and wonders of nature that our island offers, Blue Caves are unique phenomenon that will not leave you indifferent. The big and small ballroom are illuminated with turquoise blue colour. Light and colour permeates trough the underwater passage and connects with one of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

You may enjoy this magnificent wonder of the nature by booking a day trip by boat from the town of Cres.
Blue Caves are situated underneath a small village Lubenice.

Type of the beach: shady, pebble, concrete, sunny
Facilities: all the facilities are nearby campsite and hotel beach
Distance from Cres: it's all in the town and its surroundings




March-May from 9 till 15 /closed Sundays/
June - September from 9 till 19 every day


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