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The rich cultural heritage can be seen behind every corner. Churches, monasteries, buildings and villas in the renascence style, basilicas and remains from roman and Greek period can be found all over the island. The islanders are proud of their rich nautical tradition, esposed in the Museum. In 1999, the rich offer of the island's cultural herritage has been supplemented with a superbly designed bronze sculpture of the Greek athlet Apoxiomen, found on the Lošinj seabed. 

An exceptionally rich art collection by Croatian artists donated by Andro Vid and Katarina Mihičić, and a collection by European artists donated by Giuseppe Piperate, are stored at the Museum in Mali Lošinj. 

Kula, a Museum-gallery space located in Veli Lošinj, testifies to the maritime tradition of the island. The permanent exhibition presents the rich history of Lošinj highlighting its famous maritime past. Apart from the permanent exhibition, additional space is provided for occasional art and museum exhibitions.

The Town of Osor is in fact an outdoor museum in which artists from all stylistic epochs have left their marks (it includes works by contemporary artists such as Meštrović as well as remnants of ancient walls, forts, and the first Early-Christian basilica). It is a town-museum with gardens and parks in which traces of ancient villas, Renaissance portals and monasteries are hidden.

During the summer, this town that represents history and a museum at the same time becomes a unique scene abounding in cultural events among which we put special emphasis on the Osor Musical Evenings.




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