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By car:   

Road traffic connections between central Europe and destinations on the Croatian seaside are improving and being invested in. In the summer months traffic at the border crossings is more intense, which might cause shorter standstills. For entering and driving through Croatia, it is required to posses green insurance card and a valid driving license. Pay toll is paid at highways and three lane two-way roads, as well as at some bridges and tunnels.

From Trieste (Italy):
    * Pasjak border crossing - Opatija - Brestova ferry harbour - Porozina (mainland - island of Cres)

From Ljubljana (Slovenia):
    * Rupa border crossing - Rijeka - island of Krk (bridge) - Valbiska ferry harbour - Merag (island of Krk - island of Cres)
    * Rupa border crossing - Rijeka - Opatija - Brestova ferry harbour - Porozina (mainland - island of Cres)

For travelling to Croatia by car through Slovenia toll stickers (vignette) are required. More information is available at

From Zagreb (Croatia):
    * Rijeka - island of Krk (bridge) - Valbiska ferry harbour - Merag (island of Krk - island of Cres)

There are two drawbridges on the island, which are lifted twice a day for passage of vessels:

    * OSOR: 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.
    * MALI LOŠINJ: 9 a.m. and 6 p.m.

    * Mali Lošinj - Zagreb: 255 km
    * Mali Lošinj - Ljubljana: 225 km
    * Mali Lošinj - Trieste: 185 km
    * Mali Lošinj - Wien: 610 km
    * Mali Lošinj - München: 630 km



By bus:

Croatia has a quality and well developed national network of bus lines and schedules, reaching all the way to the smallest towns on the coast. Bus line Rijeka – Mali Lošinj operates on daily basis, few times a day, line Zagreb – Mali Lošinj two times a day, and in summer season there is a direct line from Ljubljana as well.

    For more info please visit web sites:

    * Autotrans 
    * Bus-station Zagreb
    * Bus-station Ljubljana

By boat:

Ferry schedule:
"VALBISKA (Krk) - MERAG (Cres)" & "BRESTOVA (Istria) - POROZINA (Cres)"
The ride takes around 20 minutes. Tickets are bought on the spot, no reservations.




Catamaran "Mali Lošinj – Rijeka – Mali Lošinj"
Catamaran "Mali Lošinj – Pula – Zadar"
Ferry "Zadar – Mali Lošinj – Zadar"    

Schedule at:   TZ - Mali Lošinj


Route planner:

987 Toll-free Roadside Assistance number



March-May from 9 till 15 /closed Sundays/
June - September from 9 till 19 every day


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