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Flora and Fauna

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The mild climate of the island of Lošinj is reflected in a great variety of plant species. Some 1,100 plant species, among which as many as 230 medicinal and edible wild-growing plants, have been identified. Particularly interesting are some plant species that are not typical of this latitude, such as lemon, date, banana, eucalyptus, cedar and sequoia.

Parts of natural heritage are protected as forest parks. The bestknown forest park of Čikat was planted by Ambroz Haračić, professor of the famous Lošinj Nautical School, at the end of the 19th century. A great variety of exotic plants, which can be seen in Lošinj gardens, have been
brought from other parts of the world by seamen and sea captains. In Veli Lošinj’s park, established by the Hapsburg Archduke Charles Stephen, there are some 200 different species of trees from all parts of the world.

It is significant that there are no poisonous snakes on the Lošinj archipelago. There are just lizards and non-poisonous snakes. The island of Lošinj is the habitat of geckos, small lizards of the gekkonidae family. Geckos are protected species. Killing geckos is forbidden and punished by law.

There is small game, as well as big game on the island - fallow deer and moufflons, which have been colonized in this area. There is a lot of feathered game. The birds of prey found in this area include hawks, sparrow-hawks, falcons and giant griffon vultures. Because of the small number of preserved individuals griffon vultures have been protected by law as an endangered species.

The most common domestic animals found in this area are sheep. The sheep on the rocky
pastures in the northern part of the island of Lošinj present an idyllic picture. The local waters of the archipelago abound in various fish, shellfish and molluscs, such as cuttle-fish, squid and octopus. Unlike some waters of the neighbouring countries, where they have become extinct, dolphins are frequent visitors of this area, playful and ready to make contact with humans.




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