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Folk costumes of Orlec








Female national costume from Orlec:


Shoes  – „postoli“ are black with low heels and are usually well decorated.

Wool socks – „kalcete“ are also black and attached with cyclamen colour garters.

Two white petticoats also form the part of female costume and have red hand made lace and red ribbon.

Upper skirt – „kamižot“ is usually blue or black while the technique of pleating is the same as the one used in making costume from Nerezine area. The edge of the skirt is decorated with green balls made of silk string. Above the skirt comes „traversa“, a colorfur apron rich with tapes of all colours and borders.

Shirt or, so called, „stomanja“ is white and has „permek“, the part that covers torso area, and it is attached to the neck with red lace and decorations.

Waistcoat is called „krožat“ and on it's borders has „pehala“ – a lace ribbon with flower patterns and fringes.

The head is covered with square pattern scarf , on the island called „facol“,  tied at the back, on the lower part of the head.

As jewellery women use big,round, golden earrings – „rećine“, and decorate their necks with a very rich necklaces, called „kolari“ full of golden heart shaped pendants, crosses and medals which can, all together, reach the number of thirty. On one of the necklaces usually hangs „relikvijari“ – a small  covered box that contains a picture of loved person in itself.



Male national costume from Orlec:


Shoes or, the way they call it on the island, „postoli“ are black as well as long socks while trousers are short; same as the ones that are used as a part of male costume from Nerezine. Around waist men wear a red belt with a big bow on the right side.

The male shirt or, „stomanja“ is white while the waistcoat – „krožat“ is black with brass buttons.

Men wear small red hat on top of the head. The hat is special one and has a black fringe at the back and it's decorated with black embroidery.

Men used to wear just one earring, so called „rećina“ and a silk scarf around neck called „facol“.





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