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Beli - picturesque, unique settlement of the island of Cres - Beli is located in the northern part of the island of Cres, 6 kilometres away from the main road Cres - Porozina.

It is situated on a hill and located only 200 metres away from the sea.  A harbour Beli is situated below the settlement. Port is completely exposed to the winds so a longer anchoring is not advisable.  There are the chestnut plantations in the wooded areas around the village. There are 45 inhabitants according to the population census from 2011.

The Roman bridge – according to the technique of building, it dates from the Roman period, probably from the time of Emperor Tiberius because already in his time, Beli was a stronghold of Roman legionnaires.
The bridge has been completely preserved and is a rare example of Roman architecture. The bridge has an arch span 6.60 meters and it is 4.70 meters high.

A haven for griffins “Eco-Centre CaputInsulae Beli” is situated in proximity of the settlement.





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