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Ivanje, St. Peter


Ivanje - 8 km of partialy paved road starts from the crossroad that splits the main road towards Beli on St Peter turning on one side, and Ivanje turning ot he other side. To reach Ivanje, take the 8 km long , early mentioned, road. Ivanje is the most nordern,  still inhabited village; according „Population list“ dating from 1991., it has 9 inhabitants. Taking a fifteen minutes walk, you'll reach Kosmačev, the largest pond on the island. At the begining of this century, this pond had literary saved lives of it's inhabitants and nearby ones and animals during one of the driest years in islands history.


St Peter is a small village situated somewhere half way between Beli and Village Beli, on the Križić crossroad . One of it's particulary interesting marks is an oak tree, one of the oldest in this area. It can be found just in front of the village and it's estimate age is between 500 and 1000 years old. According to some informations, this oak tree is one of the oldest living trees in Europe.




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