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Krčina, Zbičina, Pernat


Krčina  - is situated near the island's highway, just a little bit more north from the crossroad for Valun and Lubenice. The village is recently re-populated and it has been known by it's exquisit cuisine.


Zbičina -  can be found if you take a road towards Pernat. The small pathway once used to get to Lubenice, nowdays is mainly used as a promenade. Today Zbičina has only 17 residents.


Pernat -  is situated on 250 m high plateau on the central part of Pernat peninsula, rich with cultivate land. It is a small compact village, partially protected from the wind Bora.Pernat is one of the rare villages that have no connection with the sea. During Austro – Hungarian Republic, on the nearest sea reach point to Pernat, a mole has been built to in order ease contact with the island of Cres.

Nowdays Pernat has only 19 residents. As in the past, they, even today, live mostly from agriculture and cattle breeding.




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