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Orlec, Loznati




Orlec is the largest settlement in the inland of the island of Cres and is located northeast of Lake Vrana. Administratively, this settlement belongs to the town of Cres and has 122 inhabitants.

The nearest settlements are Loznati (4 kilometres to the north), Valun (5 kilometres to the northwest) and Vrana (5 kilometres to the south).

According to some researches, this small village dates from XVI century. It was established by just a small noumer of families who were runnig away from the Turk invasion and found their salvation here. Judging their national costumes, folk dances and their songs, it is reasonably to belive that the native Orlec people came here from Dalmatia, especially it's mountain parts.

The name Orlec is connected with eagles ( orao means eagle in Croatian ), in particular with whiteheaded eagles, a very well known  species of bird here. The surrounding of Orlec is an area full of eagles nests.

It was founded in the 16th century, and its residents, from the very beginning until today, are involved in sheep breeding and goat cheese production.


Loznati is the village with 29 inhabitants and is located between Orlec / south / and the town of Cres / northwest / with distance of 4 kilometres from both settlements.

Loznati can be described as a start point for the trip to the past. On the east side of the village, there was once ancient colony and Early Christian village. As a reminder of that period in  history,  you can still find the remains of the St Lawrence Martyr's church. St Lawrences brotherhood was the oldest brotherhood on the island of Cres till it's abrogation during Napoleonic era.





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