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Verin, Plat, Srem

Sv. Ivan



Settlements Srem, Plat and Verin are located on the east side of the island of Cres, between settlements Osor and Beleja.
There is a crossroads on the main road Osor - Porozina only 5 kilometres away from Osor. On the left, the paved road leads to the village Ustrine, and on the right, the dirt road leads to the extremely picturesque and indigenous villages.
The villages are practically deserted.
Two old men who are still engaged in sheep breeding live in Srem.

Only few people live in Plat, mostly over the summer in the old indigenous houses. From time to time, houses are rented to tourists. Verin still looks like it is the most populated, but the migration is also felt here.

From Plat walking path leads to the church of St. Augustine, while the other path leads to the beautiful sandy bay Meli.

On the way to the village Verin you will see ruins of St. Vitus church, and after Verin footpath leads to the beautiful sandy bay Galboka.





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