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Vrana is a settlement in the inland of the island. It is located southeast of Lake Vrana, along the main road Cres - Mali Lošinj. Settlement’s altitude is approximately 240 meters. Southern edge of Lake Vrana is located approximately 1000 meters west of the settlement.
The nearest villages are Stanić (1 kilometre to the northwest, deserted), Orlec (5 kilometres to the north) and Grmov (3 kilometres to the southwest).
According to the population census from 2001, the settlement has sixteen inhabitants and dozen houses.

It is not known how old this village realy is, but judging by the St Mary's Church from XV century, we may assume that is a pretty old one. It surely had an important role as a traffic spot because it used to have a postal station where  coaches were trading post material. It is belived that there were some facilities which had allowed coachmen to spend the night there too.

In close vicinity is Lake Vrana - we can call it the “miracle of nature”.
It is located on the generally anhydrous island of Cres lying in the Kvarner Gulf. The lake is a huge natural reservoir that contains more than 200 million m³ of fresh water.

Lake Vrana is indigenous and freshwater lake located in the central part of the island of Cres. It is 5.5 kilometres long, up to 1.5 km wide, and its surface is 5.5 km ². Lake basin is formed in the zone of dilapidated cretaceous dolomites. The lake is rich in pike, tench and carp.
The lake is crypto-depression whose absolute depth is approximately 74.5 metres and average water-level is approximately 13 metres above sea level, so the deepest part of the lake`s shelf lies approximately 61.5 metres below sea level.
It is exploited for water supply of Cres-Lošinj Archipelago.

There is also a legend about Lake Vrana - talking about the two sisters Gavanka`s who once owned a large field. As it usually happens, one sister was rich and the other one was poor. Rich sister began to raven poor sister’s possession but also of the impoverished people in the village. This is why she was punished by God with the earthquake and the flood. Her castle was destroyed and sunk. The story says that the remains of the sunken castle are still seen today deep at the bottom of the lake and only sometimes during storms, a chime is heard from aquatic depths.



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