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Island Krk



Krk is a very unique island on many counts, with a great cultural-historical legacy, interesting people and a wide range of things to do for tourists. Anyone who has visited it at least once cannot be left unmoved.

Did you know that because of the richness of the sea food and the land the island of Krk was once called the Insula Aurea (Golden Island) in Antique times, and the town of Krk Splendidissima civitas Curictarum (The Glorious City of the People of Krk)?

When compared with the other islands in the Adriatic, it has two very important differences. Out of a total of 1246 islands that are in the Croatian Adriatic, the island of Krk has a surface area of 406 square metres and alongside Cres it is the largest island in the Adriatic. As well as being the largest island, we can definitely say that has the best connections to the mainland – the bridge, and in the recent times lots of people have labelled it the ‘closest Adriatic island’.

The island of Krk sits on the intersection of culture, history, tourism, fun and entertainment and its centre, the town of Krk, is at centre of things on the island especially in the summer months.

If we consider the fact that even from the most distant parts of Europe, such as Scandinavia, flights to Krk last no longer than three hours, it becomes totally clear why there is currently probably no easier or quicker way to replace the monotony of the everyday and the noise of the city with the relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere that is found on the island of Krk



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