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Island Susak

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Island Susak - The remotest island of the archipelago, a real wonder of nature and a surprice to all of its visitors. It is an island made of sand in the true sense of the word. The sand drifts on the northen side of the island reach heights of up to 98 meters. On that side of the island lies it oldest settelment, Gornje Selo (the Upper Village) which grew arround the Benedictine Abbey of St. Nicholas, dating from the 11th century. Donje Selo (the Lower Village) which is situated on the sea-front, is of more recent origin. There is a regular ship service, as well as a great number of excursion boats which connect the island with island of Lošinj 


It is worth to see: 

The Benedictine Abbey of St. Nicholas from the 11th century, with the great crucifix, called Great
God by the locals, from the 12th century. According to a legend the crucifix had been drifted
ashore and was brought into the church by the Benedictines. It has been impossible to take it out
of the church ever since.

The local graveyard, wholly exposed to the sun, with shining sun-lit tombstones.
A wine shop.


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