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Susak island's folk costume



          Female traditional folk costume of Susak is quite specific, its colors are intense and bright and it is different from many famous costumes.


          There is a formal variant of the female costume, very bright in color. The length of the skirt is above the knee and it is considered to be among the first miniskirts in the world.  The everyday variant of the folk costume is dark blue or black and it is worn on Susak island even today. 

Shirt, in the local dialect called “kosula”, is white, made of cotton, with lace around the sleeves and the neck.

Underpants with legs or “mudonde”  are made of cotton with lace or “merlić” on the edges.

The underskirt, called “suknica”, is also made of white cotton canvas and it is decorated with colorful flowers and ribbons.

Socks, called “kalcete” in the local dialect, are made of wool and they are bright red - “carjena” or “oganj”.

The vest, called “bust”, is very narrow, bright-colored and with floral patterns. It is richly decorated in sequins.  The vest is buttoned up with three buttons.

Skirts, the so-called “kamizoti”, consist of 5 or 6 white skirts. The first or the lowermost is the shortest, and each succeeding is one centimeter longer than the preceding. In this way, the specific conical shape of the skirt is gained.  White, hand-made lace called “kamufi” is sewn into the edge od the skirts.  The upper skirt, called “kamizot na faldice” in the local dialect, is white and it has thin red and blue longitudinal lines.  The fabric is most often made of hand-pleated silk. The pleats on the fabric are made by firmly wrapping the skirts with a rope and letting them stay like that until they are pleated on their own. The procedure has to be repeated several types.

The apron, called “traviersla” in the local dialect, is decorated with bright small bows, beads and various ribbons.

The scarf, called  “bravaruol” in the local dialect, is put around the neck, it is bright and it has long fringes, and at the front side it is fastened in the waist.

Formal shoes, called “carape” in the Susak dialect, are made of fleece.  They are tied with a red thin woollen ribbon called “valnica”. Daily or working shoes which are hand-made are called “pute”, they are made of canvas and their soles are usually made of lamb skin leather or canvas.


Men’s folk costume, unlike women’s, is very simple and it does not differ from other civil costumes of the 19th century. Men wore the already mentioned hand-made canvas shoes. The trousers are black or dark blue. The shirt is usually white and it has a white collar. Around the waist a broad belt with an oriental pattern which was allegedly purchased in Istanbul was worn. The vest is usually black or dark blue. There was always a hat on the head, a French hat or a captain’s hat.





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