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Island Unije

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Island Unije lies a few sea miles west of Lošinj. It is a small hilly island of limestone rock covered by low-growing Mediterranean vegetation. The northern and the eastern side of the island are steep and rocky, covered by holm-oaks. The southern and western side of the island, which are flatter, form a bay, whose clear waters mirror the fronts of the house of  the only settlement of  the island. It is an island of olive groves and fertile farmland. The island is connected with the island of Lošinj by a regualr ship service.


It is worth to see:

The big stone vessel for olive oil with a Glagolitic inscription from 1676.

The church of St. Andrew, in its present-day form since 1911, with a campanile from 1857. 

The Gallery and the olive mill.


Bon appetite:

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