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Islands Ilovik - St. Peter

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The southern part of the island of Lošinj is followed by a group of little islands. The largest among them is Ilovik, an island of flowers and tall eucalyptus-trees. Here too there are a lot of traces of ancient history.The long and well-sheltered canal between the two islands serves as a harbour to the local fishermen, as well as to numerous yachtsmen who come here to enjoy the unspoilt beauty of nature. There is a regular ship service, as well as a great number of excursion boats which connect Ilovik with island of Lošinj


It is worth to see:

The square tower from 1597, built to watch over the sea and protect navigation from frequent
pirate attacks of the Uskoks.

On the hill of Straža there are remains of a hill-fort from the Bronze Age.


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