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The island of Vele Srakane
In the history, the island of Vele Srakane was part of the same reef along with the island of Unije and Male Srakane. The surface of the island of Vele Srakane is only 1,18km2.

A headstone dating from Roman times was built in the corner of the family house Skrivanić. A prehistoric fortress was situated on the hill Vela Straža. The old castle is the remainder of semicircular wall of the former fort that served as a defence against sea raiders.

According to the population census from 2001, eight people live on the island- in the village Vele Srakane. Six people were born on the island.

The island of Male Srakane stretches in northwest-southeast bearing and it is part of the same reef along with the island of Vele Srakane. Its surface is 0,605km2.
Interesting fact is that for over 20 years the island of Male Srakane has not got local population. One Croatian-Austrian couple lives on this islet.





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