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Istrian Peninsula



Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, unique and magnificent; Adriatic Sea has deeply etched itself into the mainland touching it's rugged coastline with a thousand lagoons and islands. From the northeast side, Istria is surrounded with Ćićaria and Učka mountines and is always ready to tell the story of it's thousand year history to each  passenger, tourist, curious man or visitor.

Traces of human life in Istria date back to prehistoric times. The first known inhabitans on this peninsula were Histri. By them the peninsula got it's name. Numerous nations and cultures, from the Romans to the present day, have left the traces of their culture and architecture in Istria. Traces of wall paintings and rich church architecture can be seen almost everywhere. Valuable monuments of sacerd and secular architecture from all periods of  istrian past have been preserved till nowdays.

Istrian peninsula can be devided into 3 completely different areas: the hilly northern and northeastern edge of  the  peninsula, due to it's poorly vegetation and bare areas is known as WHITE ISTRIA.
Morphological much richer space exstends on the southwest side of White Istria and it's known by the name GREY ISTRIA. The name was taken out because this part of peninsula is rich with marl, clay and sandstones. Limestone plateau of the peninsula near the sea coast is covered with red soil. This area is known as RED ISTRIA.

Istria has 2820square meters area. Including it's islands and islets, istrian coast is 539km long with a range of diversity; beautiful small towns in the interior of the  peninsula, fertile land below the hills, rocky mountains touching  the shore ot the crystal blue sea.
The climate is mild Mediterranean ; mild summers and warm winters. Further towards the inner part of Istria the climate becomes more continental , due to a cold air coming from the mountains and the Alps. The sea is warm enough for swimming in  the period of beginning of May to late September.

Quality accomodation  makes a part of variety of istrian tourism offer: private accomodation with hosts, indigenous rural households, luxury hotels and rustic and modern villas with swimming pools. For the lovers of free life in nature, there are numerious campsites along the entire coast.
From the rich cultural and entertaiment offer, every guest or visitor will be able to choose something for themselves; numerious sports and recreational facilities will satisfy even the most fastidious ones among them.

Istria is well connected with it's interior side as well as with the rest of Croatia and Europe for that matter, from every aspect: good and safe roads,excellent connectivity by the sea, aviation.
All that makes Istria an easily accessible destination for everyone. A peninsula you just wouldn't want to miss! Enjoy Istria!




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