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On the biggest Adriatic island, named Cres, there is a rocky village with it's uninterrupted 4 000 years long history, known by the name of Lubenice. On the top of the cliff , at 378 meters, you will come face to face with the jewel of Croatian rural arhitecture, the Medieval fortress.

Even though we might not know where do you come from or how are you going to experience Lubenice, we are pretty much sure, you won't remain indifferent. Being on Mediteranean coast,  you are used to see gulls flying over your head, but here, you can see them beneath you, circling over huge chasm above the gorge, above the sea which extends into the deep, into infinity.

At this point, man becomes so small among all this pre-elements.In such an environment, in the atmosphere of magical stability, Lubenice evenings are beeing held for many years now. This year's summer event in Lubenice celebrates it's sixteenth year maintenance.

The city of Cres as the main organizer of the event, offers varied and high quality program that will attract not just many music lovers, but also tourists eager for fun in this rustic ambiance. Lubenice evenings by it's content cover different musical epochs: from early Renaissance music across the masterpieces of contemporary classical music of the twentieth century, till the very end of the program, where, as the crown of all, folk melodies and tunes transformed into harmony singing and folklore heritage are presented to you.

Many world known foreign authors and croatian ones as well, are presented as part of the event which shows that our musical heritage by it's quality is not even a bit inferior  to the works of art of the world's famous authors.


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