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Mali Losinj - Veli žal



Veli Žal
Veli žal is one of the most beautiful and best equipped beaches situated in Sunčana uvala bay below hotel Aurora.
The beach is pebble one, has light and easy access to the sea which makes it very suitable for families with children. Part of the beach is paved with stone bloks, perfect for sunbathing on deck chairs.
Because of the quality and purity of the sea daily supervised by experienced life guards and sea rescuers, Veli žal beach has been awarded with The Blue Flag recognition.
Above the beach rises centuries – old, dense pine forest, a magnificent masterpiece of botanist Ambroz Haračić, that just like a canopy covers many kilometers long promenade by the sea and connects several beautiful bays and beaches with the center of Mali Losinj.
Here you can find all sorts of  sports activities that will surley enrich your vacation.
Type of the beach: pebble beach, partially paved beach about 20 meters distance from the pine forest
Facilities: showers, toilettes, parasol and sunbeds rental, all sorts of water sports, aerobic, bowling room, tennis,mini golf, Veli Žal restaurant, Caffe bar
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: 30 minutes walking

Not far away from Sunčana uvala bay, just below hotel Vespera, you will find a tiny and very beautiful cove named Borik. Facing West, this cove is illuminated by the sun all day long.  Both sides of the cove have rocky plateaus for sunbathing.
The beach, also named Borik, can be described as a shallow beach with easy access to the sea; suitable for families with children. In the distance, facing West, a small inhabited sandy island Susak can be seen.
Type of the beach: pebble beach
Facilities: showers, toilettes, Beach bar, Borik restaurant, rent – a sunbed and parasol
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: about 30 minutes walking

Nudist beach
If  you continue to walk through the pine woods and Mediterranean vegetation starting from Borik beach, you will reach the nudist beach, natural rocky one and the only official naturist beach on the island.
Entrance to the beach will be charged.
The beach faces west and the open sea and it's quite exposed to the south and south-westerly winds.
Dogs are not allowed on the beach.
Taking the promenade from the nudist beach across Porto Šešula, you are actually moving towards Krivica and Balvanida, therefore, towards all the bays and beaches on the southwest part of the Lošinj island.
Type of the beach: rocky and shady nudist beach
Facilities: showers, toilettes, Borik restaurant (not far away from the beach)
Distance from the center of Malo Lošinj: 30 to 40 minutes walking

Cape Madonna
Cape Madonna is situated nearby The Votive Church of the Annunciation of The Virgin Madonna. The church was built back in 1534. and then expanded in 1858. This small church stands on the cliff and gives the impression that all this years it's walls are listening  the sighs of the sailors and it's brave captains, the same ones that were welcomed and send off from here by their families and loved ones while a nearby lantern, lighthouse, was calling them to  their new navigation.
Around the lighthouse you will find a natural flat rocks formed by the sea for centurie, an ideal place for sunbathing, near the shady pine forest.
The cape is facing the open sea and it is not suitable for non-swimmers.
From the church turning left, the promenade will take you to the Sunčana uvala bay and  Veli žal beach; turning right you'll end up at Čikat bay.
The promenade is equipped with benches where you can have some rest and were romantic couples and couples in love can experience one of the most beautiful sunsets of the archipelago.
Type of the beach: shady and rocky beach with flat surfaces
Facilities: restaurant
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: 40 minutes walk 

Not far away from the center of the town, surrounded by centuries old, thick pine forest and Mediterranean vegetation which reaches down to the sea, the Čikat bay found it's place.
Čikat bay has been largely responsible for the development of tourism on  this island. This bay is composed by several smaller bays; one of them serves as a mooring for the local boats, the other one is one of the few sandy beaches on the island, therefore ideal for families with small children. Next to it is a part of the bay with rocky beaches and a pebble beach below the campsite. All this bays are linked one to another with kilometars long paved footpaths.
In the Čikat bay several hotels are situated as well as newly renovated villas and a well known campsite „Čikat“ with it's variety of sports and entertaiment facilities. Above the beach there are numerous bars and restaurants. The beaches in the Čikat bay are the  perfect choice for people who enjoy sports as well as for those who love comfort in perfect natural harmony.
Type of the beach: shady, pebble and paved beach
Facilities: bars and restaurants nearby,tennis, table tennis, mini golf, volleyball, diving center, variety of water sports
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: 15 to 20 minutes walking

Srebrna uvala ( Silver bay )
In Srebrna bay (srebro = silver) you'll find hotel and Kredo campsite (car camping area) offering variety of sports and entertainment.
Car camping area is situated near the sea, sheltered by pine trees, offers a pleasant stay in the countryside.
While sitting on the terrace of the local beach bar and enjoying pleasant music tunes, let yourself go, feel and taste the magnificent local cuisine and admire the beautiful view on Mediterranean sea.
All around you the scent of Mediterranean vegetation: myrtle, pistachio, strawberry, heather,tuberous pine... all the way to Zlatna uvala (Golden bay).
Type of the beach: pebble, rocky, paved beach
Facilities: Kredo beach bar, rent – a bike/boat, childrens playground
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: 30 minutes walking

Zlatna uvala (Golden bay)
Zlatna bay (zlato = gold) is very protected from all sorts of wind except the north-west winds. It's also known as Slatina, which means salt pond. Once it was flooded by sea.
Golden bay is a natural and sort of a wild bay covered by mediterranean vegetation facing west.
Type of the beach: pebble, rocky, paved beach
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from the centre of Mali Lošinj: about 40 minutes walking

Pine trees are bent along the edge of paths, so they look like they are growing out of the sea. This is Valdarke cove.  At the very end of the cove, old olive trees were hid and still preserve, one of the few that are not covered by pine trees. Small holiday houses and new boats advocate nowdays, while fishing boats and stores remind us of old times. Time seems to stand still in this cove.
A little further forward the path will take you to Veli Lošinj and to the open sea and grant you magnificent view  on the islands of Cres, Rab, Pag, Oruda, Palacol and the Velebit mountain.
This sheltered bay provides a good shelter for the sailors and boaters.
Type of the beach: pebble beach, rocky and paved
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: 15 minutes walk

St. Martin and Bojčić
The beginings of Mali Lošinj date back to the twelfth century when twelve croatian families came on the island of Lošinj and settled on the east side of St. Martin cove. Nowdays St. Martin is a small fishing harbor with two restaurants, one caffe bar, diving center and commercial moorings for inflatable boats, boats and yachts, situated nearby tourist resort Zagazinjine.
Not far from the cove, there is a small pebble beach named Bojčić, overgrown by dense pine forest that stretches all the way to the sea. Shower, waste baskets and a few natural flat areas prefect for sunbathing can be found here. This small beach is ideal for families with small children.
From St. Martin cove  starts a kilometers long path that reaches to the Kadin cove and goes along the sea.
Type of the beach: shady, rocky, and partially pebble beach
Facilities: shower, waste baskets
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: about 15 minutes walking

Zagazinjine cove
Zagazinjine cove is situated near the homonymous tourist resort Zagazinjine and represents the nearest beach to tho ones who love open and clear sea. Wide open and natural rocky cove is facing the southern part of the Cres island, Velebit mountain and Mediterranean wind named Bora.
On certain parts of the cove paved and rocky parts suitable for sunbathing can be found as well as the steps to improve the assess to the sea. There is also a shower at the beach and the path of Zagazinjine cove leads to the Kadin cove on the left, and Bojčić on the right side where benches and waste baskets can be found.
Most  part of the day Zagazinjine cove is lit by the sun and there is not much shade.
Type of the beach: rocky and partially paved beach
Facilities: shower, waste basket, concrete benches
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: about 15 minutes walking

Kadin baech is situated at the very entrance of the town of Mali Lošinj. Facing Bora wind, this beach is ideal choice for the ones who love open and very clear sea. It is mostly rocky beach with concreted areas, all day exposed to the sun.
Type of the beach: rocky
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: 20 minutes walk

Poljana beach
Poljana area with it's tourist resort Poljana and car camping place is situated just in front of Mali Lošinj town on the southernmost part of the island and it's surrounded with thick pine forest and clear sea on both sidesof its coasts. The west side of Poljana cove has a natural rocky coast with easy access to the sea and the view on the protected bay of the harbor of Mali Lošinj and it's nearby island Koludarc, and two entrances to the port: Boca Falsa and Boca Vera.
The east side of Poljana cove hides a beautiful and very well-equipped concrete beach with easy access to the sea and all the existing infrastructural and sports facilities that one campsite should have. Entrance is charged.
Type of the beach: on the outside natural rocky beach, on the inside concrete beach
Facilities: showers, bar, restaurant, market, boat docks
Distance from the center of Mali Lošinj: half an hour walk




Lupeška is situated on the left side just before entering into the tourist resort Artatore. It is covered with dense underbush and Mediterranean vegetation. There is a small pathway very near to the sea that connects a number of separated, small, pebble and intimate coves and bays, perfect choice for families and love couples. The baeaces a natural and rocky ones; coves pebble ones with easy access to the sea.
Type of the beach: natural, partially rocky, pebble coves
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from Mali Lošinj: 8 km

Artatore cove and Artatore tourist resort are situated on the south part of the island Lošinj, 8 km from the town of Mali Lošinj. This cove is very well known among sailors because it provides them a safe shelter when Neverin, (Mediterranean wind) comes across.
Thick pine forest, Mediterannean vegetation typical of the island, clean air and crystal clear water are main characteristics of this quiet and peaceful cove.
The beach is stretching along the village and it's a mixed type of the beach: on rocky surface is gravel, especially in the central part of the cove nearby the restaurant also named Artatore.
Type of the beach: rocky, concrete, partially pebble beach
Facilities: waste basket, bar and restaurant nearby
Distance from Mali Lošinj: 8km



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