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Nerezine is located beneath Osoršćica, at its lowest point. In the west part of the village stands the slim and elegant, yet dominant island mountain of Osoršćica with its peak Televrin (588 m) being the highest point of the island; to the east an open view of the Lošinj Channel and the south part of the island of Cres is offered.

As a tourist destination Nerezine was discovered in the last century thanks to Austro-Hungarian Archduke Rudolf Habsburg who visited Osoršćica in 1887.

The settlement is dominated by the bell tower of the Franciscan church and monastery dated to the 15th century. Nerezine is a settlement that developed from its complete peasant and shepherd core into a true fishing, marine and tourism destination. Continuing along the main road you have to stop in the villages of Sveti Jakov and Ćunski – two characteristic and typical island villages.

It is worth to see:

The Franciscan Monastery with a three-storey campanile from the 16th century.

The parish church of Our Lady of Health built in 1877.

The castle of the Osor patrician Colane Drasa from the 15th century.

The original parish church of St. Mary Magdalene, built in 1534.

The hill of Osoršćica - a mountain trail. The peak of Sv. Mikul with a chapel, a magnificent vantage point 

The peak of Televrin at a height of 589 m, the Cave of St. Gaudentius and the Big Cave.


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