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Punta Križa

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Punta Križa (15 km distant from Osor) is beyond question, a real national park of rich flora and fauna. The typical Mediterranean scenery with a lovely play of colours make Punta Križa an area of perfect tranquility. It has a large and well-equipped beach side, camping site with a nudist part and well-organized private accomodation in the two nearby villages Pogana and Draga


Punta Križa is a village that can be seen from all sides of the sea,thank's to it's unique geografic position. It is also specific by it's interesting way  the houses were built there: Looks like the houses were simply  „scattered“ into their gardens all around.

Punta Križa is a village that has been formed on  the crossroads of numerius small roads that lead to, now already ex, grasslands: Lusare, Peski, Banat, Ograde, Smriječje, Parhavac, Mikložuan, Murtovnik, Matualda, Drakovac, Garmožuaj.

Thick forests on this area on some places become a real small „Mediterranean rainforests“, a natural shelter for the local fauna: fallow deers, wild pigs,pheasants, rabbits, martens, snipe birds, ducks and many more. Reason more for this area to be recognized as the island's largest hunting resort.


It is worth to see:

The church of St. Anthony from the 15th century and the Romanesque church of St. Andrew in
the graveyard, built on the site of an older church.

Numerous shepherd’s paths.


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