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Punta Križa - Beaches

Punta Kriza - UL

From the village named Punta Križa to the nearest local bay Ul, you'll need only 10 minutes walk or just 5 minutes by car.
Ul bay consist of two bigger bays Paskvare and a smaller one named Vrutak.
There is a so called „vela riva“ ( big promenade), actually dock for bigger boats and yachts and a „mali mul“ (small pier) where local residents have always tied their boats.
Type of the beach: natural, rocky beach, partialy shady with easy access to the sea, partly muddy beach
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from Punta Križa: 10 min walk

Meli bay is situated on the southeasthern part of Punta Križa where a variety of smmall bays and coves can be find. The great experience on this beach will be meeting with deers, this tame animals live here since the early 50es of twentieth century, and very often they do come to the beach. This magnificent place is easy to find: Just take a road near the local curch to the Ul bay, it will take you about 15 minutes drive but it will be worth it: after driving and a 10 to 15 minutes walk, you will see the emerald colour sea and a beautiful sandy beach wich does not seem to have an end. Once you'll get there, you'll wish to stay forever.
Type of the beach: sandy beach
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from Punta Križa: 2 km

Bokinić bay is situated on the very entrance of the camp Baldarin in Punta Križa. This bay is ideal for the families because of it's deep pebble bay with shallow seabed. The bay is covered by the sun all day and there is a nearby hundred years old pine forest, a great getaway from the sun when needed. There are several docks for smaller boats too and all the necessary infrastructure for a 3 star camp. The entrance in the camp will be charged.
Type of the beach: pebble, sandy, rocky
Facilities: showers, toilettes, beach bar, rent a boat, canoe, market, restaurants, tennis courts
Distance from Punta Križa: 3,5 km

At the end of camp Baldarin, on it's naturist part, there is a small and shallow cove named Lučica with it's very well known restaurant – one to recomend.
This cove offers an ideal combination of all day swimming, sunbathing and relaxing in the wood and, not to forget, tasting of Mediterranean specialties, a food of Goods.
Nearby the cove there are toilette facilities and in the cove there is a dock for smaller boats too.
Type of the beach: pebble beach
Facilities: all the necessary facilities of a 3 star camp
Distance from Punta Križa: 3,5km

Eventhough there is a camp by the same name as this bay, take notice that the camp is on the other side of the bay, on it's west coast of the island Cres. The beautiful natural pebble bay is situated about 20 minutes walking from the camp. It is situated in the deep pine forest, protected from all types of winds and it is an ideal shelter for the sailors. With it's nearby bays and coves it looks like the area designes a so called „fingers of a mans hand“.
Type of the beach: pebble, protected of all winds
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from Punta Križa: 4 km

Veli Žal
The name of this bay gives us it's  perfect image: Veli Žar or the big gravel. Southern waves for centuries have been created here perrfection of form and had turned rocks into gravel.
The bay is situated on the southern part of the Mikložuan area and it may be approached by boats. The bay is sunny all day and it's facin weat and it's looking towards theneighboring island Lošinj.
It is recomended for the lovers of all day sunbathing and untouched nature.
Type of the beach: pebble, sunny
Facilities: no facilities
Distance from Punta Križa: 5 km

There are many natural savage bays, coves and beaches from the northwestern point of island Cres (Osor) till it's southeastern part, such as: Sonte, Draga, Ridulja, Šešnja, Majiška, Martinšćica, Mijuanska, V. Galbočica, Bijela vala and many more, but those ones can be reached only by boats.





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