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Valun is situated in the southern part of the Bay of Valun between two beautiful pebbly beaches. Valun was founded as a port of the old village of Bucev, the remains of which were found in the vicinity of the Church of St. Mark, whose inhabitants established a new settlement when they got oriented to the sea.

Today Valun is a picturesque seaside village, situated around a small harbour, whose economy is based on camping and family tourism.

Apart from the Church of St. Mark and "Valun's table" from the 11th century it is interesting to see Glagolitic collection of stone monuments situated on the terrace of a restaurant where copies of the oldest inscriptions in Glagolitic alphabet from Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia are displayed.

Lubenice, a 4000 years old settlement built on the rock 387 metres above the sea is one of the oldest settlements on the island.

This picturesque town with a square, a bell-tower and the Gothic churc of St Anthony the Hermit from the 15th century is a real pearl of rural architecture whose primordial beauty is difficult to describe in words, it must simply be seen. In summer Lubenice Musical Evenings, an event presenting a distinguished repertoire of classical music performed by world-renown musicians, takes place in Lubenice.


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