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Veli Lošinj is located in an almost landlocked harbour on the southeast side of the island of Lošinj.  The main features of this beautiful town are high, pastel-coloured houses located in the first row around the port, and numerous luxurious villas with beautiful gardens; with its 1,000 inhabitants it is the second largest settlement on the island of Lošinj.

First recorded in the late 14th century under the name  Velo selo (Large village) Veli Lošinj was larger than Malo selo (Small village) or Mali Lošinj as we call it today, but Mali Lošinj developed throughout history more quickly. Today the situation is reversed, but the names remained the same to this day. Walking through the narrow streets of Veli Lošinj luxurious villas of former captains, ship owners and wealthy gentlemen are visible through the "portuni" (yard gates). In the gardens of these villas around 80 types of different herbs brought by Veli Lošinj sailors from their travels may be found, while at the Veli Lošinj Park, in front of today's spa and once a residence of Archduke Charles Stephen, there are more than 200 botanical species. 

Within reach of Veli Lošinj, a small fishing harbour Rovenska is situated; it draws the attention with its character typical of small fishing villages, its beautiful pebble beach and traditions cherished by its inhabitants who have dedicated their lives to the sea.

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