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  • ethno exhibition

    Ethno Exibition "The house of our ancestors" - summer 2015

    Ethno Exibition "The house of our ancestors" - summer 2015. Island Cres - village Punta Križa


    Croatia - Full Of life

    All too often our daily routine, we fill our lives with days. We need to be reminded that in order to feel truly happy and fulfilled, we should fill our days with life! Every human being has a profound need to fill themselves up with all the good things life has to offer: good food, beautiful landscapes, relaxing environments and charming people, etc. Places that are full of these experiences are energising and inspiring. Everyone needs to visit somewhere that is full of life from time to time. And Croatia is definitely one of those places! Croatia is bursting with experiences, places and different Mediterranean lifestyles. Croatia is a young country with a fresh energy that will fill you up with pure life. Don’t fill your life with days, fill your days with life. Croatia, Full of Life.

  • Island Losinj

    Lošinj archipelago - Where dreams become reality

    Losinj archipelago - where dreams come true


    Pictures of the island Lošinj

    I take this opportunity to upload a HD video slide show about the island Losinj. I say opportunity because all pictures are by renown photograph from Zagreb, Mr. Boris Frkovic. You never saw such beautiful sunsets! Even rocks of Valdarke you watch in awe. Old streets of Mali Losinj, picturesque little bay of Veli Losinj, pristine beach of Nerezine, and much more. Even the music is by Mali Losinj's own composer, Br. Bozidar Baumgarten. So, take a brake, have a and enjoy the show - Ned Benvin

  • Lošinj 1

    Mali Lošinj

    Beside being a sunniest place on the Adriatic, Mali Lošinj is just about the only island community that grows in population and economy. Why? Water! The Vrana lake on neighboring Cres Island is a God sent gift to these places. A small river way far over the Velebit Mountain in the Lika region, suddenly disappears into the ground then travels under the bottom of the sea floor and appears where today is Lake Vrana.

  • Punta Križa 4

    Cres and Lošinj archipelago

    The western chain of the Kvarner Islands inclused the Cres – Lošinj Archipelago, which in addition to the two main islands – Cres and Lošinj, is also formed by the islands of Unije, Ilovik, Susak, Vele Srakane, Male Srakane, and numerous uninhabited islets and rocks. Cres and Lošinj together form our largest insular unit located between the east coast of the Istrian peninsula and the easterly part of the Kvarner Islands consisting of Krk, Rab and Pag, and stretch in a northwest – southeast direction.

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