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Viewpoints of Lošinj island



          This is a story that  is going to take you to some of the most wonderful natural viewpoints of our islands where you can enjoy the magnificent view over the open sea of Cres and Lošinj's archipelago and discover  it's island's extraordinary world!

There are many viewpoints; the ones nearby that you can find in every village on the islands, and there are those more far away, on higher altitude angles of islands hills. One of them that deserves to be mentioned is top of  Saint Johan's hill above Veli Lošinj, Kalvarija and Umpiljka. Well known are also viewpoints on Kaštel district, Malin, Vela Straža above Lošinj's harbour, Polanza near Ćunski, Osorčica hill that rises from  the sea above Nerezine village, and many many more viewpoints on island of Cres.

The view from Televrin viewpoint (588 m), the highest point of Osorčica hill, is surely the most beautiful and the most atractive one. It does take a little extra effort to reach this point, but it is absolutley worth it because the breathtaking panorama made of sea, islands and nearby land, once you experience it, is definitely going to stay in your heart forever. It can be reached by taking one of three tracks; two of them starting from Nerezine, and one from Osor village. The one that starts from Nerezine is  4,5km long and it has been put in use since the end of 19th century, and has been used by Rudolf Habsburg, Austro-Hungarian future emperor and crown successor, king of Saxony, and numerous scientists and groups of tourists, to climb on top of Osorčica hill. On the way to the top do pay a visit to the small church of St. Nicholas located just below the top of the hill and St. Gaudentius Cave; Saint with many legends associated with his name.  At the end, reward yourself with refreshment in mountain home.

Discover our islands and our sea, discover all it's shades and colours, among them you will find a place where you will always want to come back to. Verses of poet  Josip Pupačić most truely express those feelings:


"...i gledam more gdje se k meni penje
i dobrojutro kažem more zlato
i dobrojutro more more kaže
i zagrli me more oko vrata..." 

The literal translation would be approximately: 

„...and I'm watching the sea that is climbing to me,
 and good morning, I whisper ,good morning my  treasure sea,
and good morning sea, sea whispers to me,
huging me around my neck...“





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