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Viewpoints of Nerezine



          Where ever we look, the eye is full of the beauty of the sea and it's wideness, it's strenght and it's power. On the west side the Kvarner bay gets stopped by the coasts of Istrian peninsula and narrowed with Vela vrata before entering the bay of Rijeka from where our view expands indefinitely  over the open Adriatic sea. You can feel it's freedom that only the wind gets to interfere with it's different shades of blue.

Towards the north-east, the Kvarner bay and Podvelebitski  canal, battered by Bora wind, gets imprison by giigantic massif of Velebit and Gorski kotar region giving us scenography as pure as the sky and the sea.
Towards southeast, behind often restless water of Kvarner bay, begins „Mare nostrum“ , labyrinth of north Dalmatian islands, and further more the visitor eye extends  it's view till the coasts of the town of Zadar.

Just like in the ancient times, the islands of Cres and Lošinj conjoin into nothing less than just one island who wears a necklace made by smaller islands, the same ones that are peacefuly resting there like a distant „japanese landscape“ under our view. This islands made of the sky and the sea, the wind and the time, diversity of it's parts, represent the real beauty of the nature. Each of this islands is a world of it's own, geographically different and unique with it's bays and caves, colours and landscapes full of rocks, Mediterranean maquis and forest.

Just like on a hand, on a small peace of land that connects two islands, stands  a small town of Osor. Along the canal and the two seas, the town's  specific urban complex has a strategic importance. Many legends are associated with this small town: mythical Agonauts and their voyages, Medea who killed her own brother  Apsyrtes by whom the Greek's named this small but very important town and it's nearby islands, the Apsyrtides. Along the west coast of the island of Cres, sailors have created so called „Amber Road“ that allowed trade between old Greece, our coast and all the way to Baltics.





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