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Viewpoints of Veli Lošinj



          The beauty of the islands and our wonderful sea can be seen from so many viewpoints all around mali Lošinj town. One of the most magnificent one's is definitely the one nearby the hill named Umpiljak (171 m) because looking from there you can enjoy the fantastic view on the town of Mali Lošinj, the whole bay of Mali Lošinj, islands Susak, Srakane, Unije, Osorčica hill, Punta Križa village on the island of Cres and a great mountain Velebit.

The next one worth mentioning  is St John's viewpoint ( 241m).
Both of them can be reached taking the road that starts on the town's main square. This road has been established at the end of 19th and begining of 20th century. Nowday this is an asphalted road that runs trough Umpiljak, Kalvarije, St John, Grgoščak, Pogled all the way to the end point of the island of Lošinj, Mrtvaška bay. Across the bay islands Ilovik and St Peter look like just fingertips away.

The stories of our grand grandmothers are telling us that just there, near St John's church, children used to wait until they spotted a ship coming, and then they would run to the village to inform everybody about it. They belived that a member of a family or a village is certainly coming back home on that ship.and just there, on that spot where a prehistorical Illyrian castle once was, a human eye meets the beauty of a handmade treasure and nature, together like two essential parst of a living symphony. The restless sea craeated so many different but beautiful bays, coves, horns, islands and peninsulas that can be seen from here. And if you just look below, you will see Veli Lošinj, a small picturesque town and the islands Palacol and Oruda lying in the sea. Further on the right, you'll spot two small islands; Male and Velike Orjule and even more far away the islands Pag and Rab found it's place in the sea facing mountain Velebit  at the front and Italy from the back, right there, far away where the sea hugs the sky at the sunset time.

Four kilometers further and you'll reach a magnificent view to the islands Ilovik and St Peter showing us Zadar archipelago with it's islands Premuda, Silba and Olib.





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