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The legend about Vrana Lake on the Cres island


          The legend says that in the area of present-day Vrana Lake a rich and evil sister lived in a luxurious castle. In the immediate vicinity of the castle, in a humble little house, lived her poor sister, who worked in her rich sister’s castle in order to feed her family.  There she would knead dough in order to make bread on an apron made out of sheep skin and from the pieces which would stick to her apron she would make a small bread loaf for her family at home.

          The legend says that one day a poor man knocked on her door and asked her for a piece of bread. The poor sister gave him a piece of the small bread she barely made. In that moment the bread turned into big white bread and the water in the barrel became best-quality wine... The poor man immediately told her to leave the valley with her children because the evil sister would be punished. He also told her not to look back while leaving. Unfortunately, the poor girl turned around while leaving her home. Not only did she see the water fill the valley and her sister’s castle, but she also died.

          The legend says that fishermen’s nets get stuck on the roofs of flooded houses and castles even today.



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